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Sightings of Butterflies in Suffolk - 2014

The Branch is always grateful for butterfly records and a recording form can be downloaded from the conservation section of this website.  We would be particularly grateful for records away from the coast and information on the following species: Dingy Skipper, Green Hairstreak, Purple Hairstreak, White Letter Hairstreak, Silver-studded Blue, Wall Brown, White Admiral, Silver-washed Fritillary, Grayling and Small Heath.

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Send Us Your Sightings
We are always interested in sightings of any butterflies in any location in Suffolk.
email them to sightings@suffolkbutterflies.org.uk (please make sure you enter a subject) and they will appear below within a few days.
Clicking on this link should launch your usual email program.  If this does not seem to work just use the email address.

If you see a Brimstone this record will also be passsed to the Brimstone and Buckthorn project

Please include the date, how many of each butterfly species seen, location with an ordnance survey grid reference if possible, and your name (if you want to).
If you would like to contribute to the annual survey please read the notes on the Recording page.

Regular recorders are urged to use the website to inform others of interesting sightings, but please do continue to send all your records to the county recorder at the end of the season as usual.

Return completed form by November to 27, Draymans Way, Ipswich IP3 0QU or to

Date  Butterflies seen (and other relevant information).  First Sighting of Year in Bold Location Grid Reference Click for OS Map then click Leisure Name
20 Apr Green Hairsteak (photo here).  Just the one, in a garden in Kesgrave, sitting on a foxglove. Kesgrave TM219458 Rob Cummings
18 Apr I saw these butterflies along the River Gipping at Needham Market:   8  male orange tips 5 female orange tips 3 green veined whites 1 peacock Needham Market   Robert Brown
16 Apr Photo of Brimstone egg taken in my garden on Rhamnus bush.  I watched the female this morning but by the time I'd got the camera she had gone.  Therefore, I've attached picture of an egg.  She laid  probably about a dozen.     Julian Dowding
16 Apr 1 Orange Tip 3 Speckled Woods. The Churchyard, Ilketshall St. Margaret. TM.350853 Bill Davis
14 Apr I saw one small copper, one speckled wood, two green veined whites, one small tortoiseshell and several peacocks this morning. Minsmere   Lilian Pitt
13 Apr We saw our first of year Speckled Wood along with numerous Peacocks, Small Tortoiseshells, Green Veined Whites and a Comma. Hemley to Kirton Creek TM291420 Linda and Richard Mayhew
13 Apr Good numbers of Orange Tips in Belstead Brook area (along stream near Belstead House) on and around the cuckooflower. Belstaed Ipswich   Kev Ling
11 Apr Orange tip (8), Speckled wood (5), Comma (6), Peacock (15), Small Tortoiseshell (6), Small White (2), Green Veined White (1). Alton Water   Kev Ling
10 Apr I did a long circuit round the parish of Exning yesterday (TL6065 etc) and saw many (in order of first sighting): Orange Tip, Peacock, Small Tortoiseshell, Green-veined White, Large White, and one each of: Comma, Holly Blue & a very small Speckled Wood.  I also saw a Kite for the first time in Exning.  Fantastic. Exning TL6065 Twm Wade
10 Apr Later - around lunchtime in rides in Mildenhall woods (TL7276), good numbers of several species other than including 4 Small Whites, 5 Speckled Woods, 5 Holly Blues, 7 Orange Tips and 2 each Small Copper & Green-veined White.  On way to this area some hedgerows appear to be almost festooned with Brown-Tail larval webs (not the Spindle Ermine micro-moth ones) Mildenhall woods TL7276 Mervyn Crawford
10 Apr In my garden yesterday in Folly Road (TL707757), 5 male Brimstones plus 2 Females, one of which was egg-laying already on my Buckthorn which is not yet in full leaf.  Several Orange tips now, both male and female, and my first Large White of the season.  Six sightings of Holly Blues, some of which may be repeat but 3 individuals confirmed.  One Speckled Wood released from my greenhouse. Mildenhall TL707757 Mervyn Crawford
10 Apr Two Holly Blues seen today in Ipswich, one along Cauldwell Hall Road, Ipswich (TM1844) and Landseer Park (TM1742)     Bill Stone
10 Apr A male Orange-tip and very fresh looking Speckled Wood basking in the sunshine.  Two firsts for the year. Alderman Road Nature Reserve, Ipswich   Kevin Ling
9 Apr 3 Brimstones, several whites (including a Green Veined White and a fresh Small White) and a large number of Small Tortoiseshells.  No Orange tips seen yet.  Also of interest were two webs of Brown-tail Moth caterpillars beside the footpath, as you enter from the car park. Landseer Park, Ipswich   Kev Ling
9 Apr There were Peacocks everywhere at Alton Water this morning.  We counted at least 45.  Also Brimstone 2, Orange Tip 5 - including one very small female, Small Tortoiseshell 5, Green-veined White 1, Holly Blue 1, Comma 1.  No Green Hairstreaks but maybe too early despite the warm Spring. Alton Water   Richard Perryman
9 Apr There was a Speckled  Wood in the churchyard this morning.  Covehithe   Lilian Pitt
6 Apr My first Green-veined White in my garden at noon this morning.  It  was a tiny one. Bury St Edmunds TL8464 Rob Parker
5 Apr We saw our first Orange Tip of the year. Hemley to Kirton Creek TM291420 Linda and Richard Mayhew
5 Apr 1 Orange-tip in garden Bredfield Road Woodbridge Woodbridge   Laurence Potter
5 Apr Brimstone butterfly seen in the garden of Lavender Cottage, The Street, Easton, Suffolk IP13 0ED.  Susan Stone.  Also first sighting of an Orange tip in garden on same day and location Easton   Susan Stone
5 Apr Small Copper seen this morning at Minsmere.  Also saw small whites, orange tip, peacock and small tortoiseshell. Minsmere   Lilian Pitt
3 Apr Brimstone in my garden at Riverview Melton this pm 3rd april  I do not see many here ,perhaps one or two a year Melton   Robert Johnson
2 Apr A speckled wood was seen & photographed in the orchard at Holywells Park today by Jim Davies.  Although there were a number of butterflies around I could not stop to record them as we were very busy on our work party but thought I would let you know about this one because I knew it was early. Ipswich   Anne Cooper
1 Apr I had in my Lowestoft garden, 1 Brimstone, 2 Small whites, 2 Small Tortoiseshells 4 Peacocks and 1 Comma Lowestoft   Bill Whybrow
1 Apr I was driving about 30 minutes around Cavenham Heath area and Tuddenham, and counted 12 male Brimstone butterflies, I did not see any females.     Paul Claridge
1 Apr There was another Orange-tip in my garden this morning - a male; my first for the year.  Also a Brimstone down the road and 2 Peacocks in the garden - one flying, the other still hibernating in the wheelbarrow, which is in heavy shade. All in TL8464   TL8464 Rob Parker
1 Apr An unplanned visit to Ipswich Hospital today (late morning) gave me a bonus butterfly sighting in the form of a Painted Lady. It was seen flying over a flowering Viburnham in an open courtyard area between the clinic buildings TM192446.  Also 3+ Peacocks, 2 Small Tortoiseshells and a Small White around the hospital grounds. Ipswich TM192446 Bill Stone
1 Apr I have just spied a femail Orange Tip laying eggs on some of my honesty plants in the garden in Ixworth.  Suspect certainly not a record, but pretty early nonetheless! Ixworth   Mike Dean
30 Mar 8 Small Tortoiseshells, 3 Peacocks and 5 Brimstones Oulton Marsh TM 5093 Bill Whybrow
30 Mar On the footpath by the River Lark from Mildenhall to West Row. 9 Male Brimstones, too many Small Tortoiseshells to count mainly on Sallow catkins, 3 Commas, 3 Peacocks, 4 Small Whites, 1 Green-veined White and 2 male Orange tips.  Nearer to the bridge at the Judes Ferry Pub 1 Holly Blue.     Mervyn Crawford
30 Mar Today being the warmest of the year so far, brought out butterflies in numbers reminiscent of boyhood days.  Around the Eastern landing lights at USAF Mildenhall I was dubious re. a report that Speckled Woods were already about.  All I could find were a couple of day-flying Orange Underwing moths which could be mistaken for SWs at a distance.  More than 14 male Brimstones, at least 10 Small Tortoiseshells, 8 Peacocks, 4 Small Whites and 2 Commas Mildenhall   Mervyn Crawford
30 Mar This Speckled Wood (photo) landed on my kitchen window sill this morning, very much a surprise!    TM172430 Bill Stone
30 Mar Brimstone, Orange Tip Flatford  TM0733 Mark Nowers
29 Mar Peacock, Small Tortoiseshell Stutton TM153347 Mark Nowers
29 Mar Peacock Stutton  TM1535 Mark Nowers
29 Mar Peacock Stutton  TM1534 Mark Nowers
29 Mar Our first Green Veined White Hemley to Kirton Creek TM291420 Linda and Richard Mayhew
29 Mar Hope I'm not too late - I see you have April up on your website.  I saw a Speckled Wood at about midday on Saturday 29th March in my garden on Rosehill Crescent, IP3 8ER, Ipswich. It looked in mint condition and really got my heart racing! Ipswich   Mark Arbon
29 Mar I saw my first male Orange-tip today at All Saints South Elmham churchyard. South Elmham   John Harrold
29 Mar 1 Peacock, 1 Small Tortoiseshell SW Ipswich TM134427 Richard Perryman
25 Mar Small White Flatford TM0733 Mark Nowers
24 Mar Peacock, Small Tortoiseshell Canham's Wood   TM143348 Mark Nowers
20 Mar Peacock, Small Tortoiseshell Stutton  TM1334 Mark Nowers
20 Mar Peacock Stutton  TM1434 Mark Nowers
20 Mar Red Admiral, Small Tortoiseshell, Peacock, Comma Canham's Wood   TM143348 Mark Nowers
20 Mar 1 Red Admiral Home Garden Bungay TM3388 Bill Davis
19 Mar A female Orange-tip (photo) was drying it's wings in my garden in Folly Road yesterday morning.  This is by eleven days the earliest I have ever seen one. (earliest on our Fight Times chart is 23 Mar) Mildenhall TL707757 Mervyn Crawford.
18 Mar Saw a Red Admiral flying as we travelled towards River Orwell   TM 160402 Richard and Linda Mayhew
16 Mar Small Tortoiseshell Canham's Wood   TM143348 Mark Nowers
16 Mar 1 Small White, 1 Peacock SW Ipswich TM134427 Richard Perryman
16 Mar 1 Brimstone 2 Small Tortoiseshells - Home Garden Bungay TM3388 Bill Davis
16 Mar Brimstones galore on a walk around the fields behind the church at Icklingham.  Thirteen males in all, plus small tortoiseshell (6), peacock (4) and comma (1). Icklingham TL777728 Tim Wesley
15 Mar Saw a Green-veined White close-up today near the eastern landing lights at USAF Mildenhall,  not the earliest but still the earliest in several years for me.  Plus at least half a dozen Brimstones, all males and several Vanessids.  All four Small White pupae under the window-sill of my garden shed in Mildenhall have hatched and gone, but I have yet to see my first Small White of the season.    Mildenhall TL716762 Mervyn Crawford.
13 Mar Peacock Alton Water (dam) TM162357 Mark Nowers
13 Mar In garden Small White, Comma Sudbury TL882414 Martin Peers
13 Mar I had a Small White in my garden today along with Small Tortoiseshell and Peacock.       Bill Whybrow
13 Mar  Peacock, Small Tortoiseshel Sutton Common TM3146 Rob Parker
13 Mar Brimstone, Small Tortoiseshell Upper Hollesley Common TM3348  Rob Parker
13 Mar Brimstone in our garden. Ipswich TM180440 Richard and Linda Mayhew
13 Mar We saw 1 Peacock and 2 Commas basking in the sun. Peewit Hill  Felixstowe. TM288339 Richard and Linda Mayhew
13 Mar A dozen Small Tortoiseshells.  They were all within a few feet of other at the top end of the park by junction of Hawthorn Drive/Campion Road. Gippeswyck Park, Ipswich TM150435 Kevin Ling
13 Mar 1 Small White, 1 Peacock SW Ipswich TM134427 Richard Perryman
13 Mar 1 Brimstone, 3 Small Tortoiseshell, 1 Peacock in front garden.  Wife spotted Brimstone! Made her day to show me! Bredfield Road Woodbridge TM270501 Julie & Laurence Potter
12 Mar Comma, Small Tortoiseshell Stutton TM1434 Mark Nowers
12 Mar Brimstone, Peacock, Small Tortoiseshell and Comma West Stow garden TL8270  Celia Jeal
12 Mar The Large Tortoiseshell was seen and photographed again in Felixstowe. Same location-along path near McDonalds. 
Is this a migrant in 2014 or one from last Autumn which hibernated?
Felixstowe TM288339  
12 Mar Several Small Tortoiseshells, couple of Commas, a male Brimstone and a Red Admiral this morning N of Bury St Edmunds   Paul Harrison
12 Mar A circular walk from Playford to Tuddenham St. Martin and back along the Fynn Valley produced 1 Large White, 4 Commas, 2 Peacocks, and at least 15 Small Tortoiseshells. The majority were feeding on a Willow Tree by the Fynn   TM205475 Jenny Plank
11 Mar My first Red Admiral here    Thurston TL9365 Trevor Goodfellow
10 Mar 1 Brimstone male flew past while I was tidying round thick ivy although this may be coincidental.  Also 2 Small Tortoiseshell, 1 Peacock.  This is the first Brimstone I have seen in this country.  I am a new member, joined today.  I will download and start my yearly record sheet straight away Halesworth TM385781 Derek Norris
10 Mar Large Tortoiseshell was seen today and photographed Peewit Hill at Felixstowe on a track behind the McDonalds.
See photograph at http://www.freewebs.com/suffolkbirding/march2014.htmAlso photo here
Felixstowe TM288339 Will Brame
9 Mar Brimstone Stutton TM1335 Mark Nowers
9 Mar Peacock Stutton TM1334 Mark Nowers
9 Mar Peacock, Small Tortoiseshell Stutton TM1534 Mark Nowers
9 Mar In garden: 2 Brimstones, Peacock, Small Tortoiseshell Sudbury TL882414 Martin Peers
9 Mar Brimstone in the driveway to nos. 55 to 63 Kingshall Street, Rougham at 10.30am.  Alas, it didnt stop to have its photo taken! Rougham   Peter Newlands
9 Mar 15 butterflies seen this morning in Holywells Park, Ipswich- Brimstone (7), Comma (2) Peacock (3) and Small Tortoiseshell (3). Holywells Park TM175435 Bill Stone
9 Mar I had 3 Peacocks and 4 Small Tortoiseshells in my garden Lowestoft   Bill Whybrow
9 Mar At the Dell: Small White, Comma, Peacock, 2 Brimstone, 10+ Small Tortoiseshells Beccles TM41782 Julian Coleman
9 Mar 4 Peacock ,3 Small Tortoiseshell,1 Comma Bredfield Road garden Woodbridge   Laurence Potter
9 Mar Our first real spring day, and it brought out quite a few hibernators.  Between 10:30 and 11:30, with the temperature rising from 8C to 15C, we saw male Brimstones at 7 different localities - Fornham St Martin, Flempton, Lackford Lakes, SW of Lackford and both sides of Icklingham.  At the latter spot, there was also one female, and Peacocks, Small Tortoiseshells and Commas were taking advantage of the sallow catkins at 2 places.  Back at home, 2 Peacocks were flying in the garden whilst we had lunch on the patio, and a third was still in hibernation in the garage.     Rob Parker
9 Mar A wandering Brimstone in our garden this afternoon along with a Peacock and at least two Comma's. Ipswich TM156463 Paul Gilson
9 Mar One Small Tortoiseshell, enjoying the Warm Sunshine, Home Garden Bungay   Bill Davis
9 Mar 1 Peacock, 1 Brimstone, 2 Comma, 2 Small Tortoiseshell NE Ipswich TM191456 Richard Perryman
9 Mar Six/seven male Brimstones seen in Kesgrave/Dobbs Wood this morning. Kesgrave - Dobbs Wood TM236451 Jenny Plank
9 Mar The sun is out and the magic 15C has been reached. Already seen today: 4 Brimstone (male) 1 dozy Peacock 2 Small Tortoiseshells     Mike Dean
9 Mar 12 small tortoiseshells, 3 brimstones and 2 peacocks along the river Gipping between Needham Lakes car park and Hawks Mil Needham Lakes TM090553 Robert Brown
8 Mar Peacock along Ipswich Waterfront Ipswich Waterfront TM165440 Robert Brown
7 Mar First Brimstone butterfly of 2014 sighted in our garden in  this morning. A glorious warm sunny day! Withersfield, Suffolk CB9 7SG TL658482 Celia Hart
6 Mar I saw a small tortoiseshell resting on the blossom of my cherry tree in front garden     Jean Baxter
5 Mar Peacock on my weeping Kilmarnock Sallow. Great fragrant nectar source (Photo).  Also 2 Small Tortoiseshells and a Comma Waldringfield TM284445 Julian Dowding
5 Mar I saw a Peacock resting on the blossom of my cherry tree in front garden.     Jean Baxter
5 Mar 8 Small Tortoiseshelll, 1 Brimstone Landseer Park TM177427 Helen
5 Mar Saw 2 brimstone, 1 small tortoiseshell and 2 comma
1 Peacock
Holywells Park
Purdis Heath
Anne Cooper
5 Mar 3 Brimstone, 3 Small Tortoiseshell, 1 Peacock and 4 Comma   A few photos attached. Holywells Park TM175435 Matt Berry
5 Mar Comma Minsmere TM469668 Richard Perryman
5 Mar Two Small Tortoiseshells. in the garden at Kesgrave and another two between Hemley Church and Kirton Creek.  Also Peacock seen near Farmhouse Pub, Kesgrave.     Gary & Jenny Plank
5 Mar I had 2 Small Tortoiseshells and 1 Peacock in the garden today Lowestoft   Bill Whybrow
5 Mar Small Tortoiseshell this morning. Stoke-by-Nayland TL988362 Ed Hutchings
4 Mar Small Tortoiseshell, 2 in a garden this morning. Scole Norfolk TM154789 Bill Whybrow
4 Mar Peacock SW Ipswich TM134427 Richard Perryman
2 Mar I saw my first butterfy of 2014 today.  A Comma was seen flying over sunlit bramble. Landseer Park, Ipswich TM175428 Bill Stone
26 Feb Small Tortoiseshell East Hill, Walberswick TM480738 Mike & Susie
26 Feb The Small Tortoiseshell that has been hibernating in my garage woke up today and flew away. SW Ipswich TM134427 Richard Perryman
26 Feb Small Tortoiseshell in my garden today.     Bill Whybrow
24 Feb I was delighted to see a couple of brimstone butterflies in my garden today.  Very early but it was a warm day. Horringer TL827618 Mel Sheard
24 Feb Small Tortoiseshell Reydon TM499774 Mike & Susie
24 Feb Small Tortoiseshell Walberswick Common TM486752 Mike & Susie
24 Feb Red Admiral and Small Tortoiseshell in garden Woodbridge   Robert Johnson
24 Feb At 8o C, a Peacock was flying in the sun Bury St Edmunds TL836647 Rob Parker
21 Feb A Small Tortoiseshell in our garden this morning. Brettenham TL962536 David & Margie Carter
19 Feb Have seen this morning in my garden a Red Admiral (photo) and a Small Tortoiseshell.        IP33 2JA TL834636 Jim Glasscock
16 Feb Thought you may be interested to know that I just saw a Small Tortoiseshell in my garden in Stowmarket.   It settled on my ivy before disappearing into the denser greenery, probably where it has been sheltering. Best rgds  Stowmarket   Kate Dickie
4 Feb One Brimstone Gisleham TM494876 Bill Whybrow
28 Jan A tatty peacock fluttered briefly around our garden just after midday before flying off over neighbouring houses. Bury St Edmunds   Tim Wesley
14 Jan Another butterfly seen today after the previous day's Red admiral, this time a Peacock. Again seen around lunchtime flying strongly in warm sunshine at Ipswich Golf Club Purdis Heath TM208432 Neil Sherman
13 Jan Peacock seen today Polstead TL992391 Ed Hutchings
13 Jan Saw a Red admiral today at Ipswich Golf Club, Purdis Heath at around 12pm. It was basking on a sunlit tree trunk - this is my first butterfly sighting for 2014 Purdis Heath TM208432 Neil Sherman
2 Jan
Peacock seen at Back Hamlet allotments  (East Ipswich) 2.01.14
  TM174440 Andy Moss
2 Jan Report of a Brimstone today at Lackford Lakes from the SWT warden   TL800705  

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Photographs from 2014 Sightings  (all pictures are the copyright of their owners)

Red Admiral - Photo by Jim Glasscock
These photos by Matt Berry
Comma Small Tortoiseshell Peacock
Photo by Julian Dowding
large toryoiseshell
Large Tortoiseshell - photo courtesy of Will Brame
Orange Tip
Female Orange Tip - Photo by Mervyn Crawford
Speckled Wood
Speckled Wood - Photo by Bill Stone

Brimstone egg - Photo by Julian Dowding
Green Hairstreak
Green Hairstreak - Photo by Rob Cummings

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