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Black Holes

Suffolk Butterfly Recording 2019- "Black-Holes"

In my recent 2019 letter to butterfly recorders (click here for text)  I promised you details of the areas of Suffolk in which no butterflies were found during the period 2015- 2018, this being the first four years of the current five-year recording period for the Butterflies of the New Millennium recording scheme.

Below is a map of the Suffolk recording area which shows the areas without any butterfly records i.e. "black-holes" that exist, these are shown by the dark- blue spots.

Suffolk 2015-2018- Under recorded areas

Targets for specific recording

A list of the actual "black-hole" tetrads (2x2km squares) is given below and I would ask you all to try and visit as many of them as you can in 2019 to increase the overall butterfly species coverage for Suffolk. 

Based on the above map the following tetrads in the table below should be visited in order to increase county coverage.  2019 represents the final year of the current five-year recording period for the Butterflies of the New Millennium recording scheme so this is an incredibly important year

Please note that access to some may be restricted due to the land being private or there may be no suitable footpaths.  In addition, some involve inland waterways, are tidal or may simply be totally unsuitable for butterflies

However, in order to assist you with targeting key areas the following 10km squares are those which require significant recording coverage

Bill Stone, Suffolk Butterfly Recorder, April 2019

TL74-Area West and North of Clare

TL95-Area South of Bradfield villages

TM16-Area North and West of Debenham

TM17-Area East of A140

TM26-Area North & West of Framlingham

TM27- All areas

TM37-All areas other than Halesworth town

TM38- Area bordering A144 and B1062

TM 48- Area between A145 and B1127

Suffolk Black-Hole Tetrads














TL7258 TL7450 TL7854 TL8044


TL8440 TL8452 TL8638
TL8836 TL8846 TL9252 TL9650 TL9656 TL9856        
TM0054 TM0256 TM0672 TM1062 TM1068 TM1256 TM1262 TM1464 TM1468


TM1672 TM1870 TM1874 TM1878 TM2058 TM2074 TM2452 TM2470 TM2474 TM2680
TM3068 TM3070 TM3072 TM3270 TM3272 TM3274 TM3276 TM3278 TM3286 TM3472
TM3474 TM3478 TM3486 TM3672 TM3684 TM3882 TM4286 TM4482 TM4682 TM4886




The Old Black Hole Map

The previous map showed an OS map of Suffolk overprinted to show the density of records for the period 2010 to 2013.  This is still available but we have been unable to produce the latest map in this way.  To see the old map  Click here and the map will open in a new window or tab

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